Threes Room - Tonawanda Center

Tonawanda Center

The threes program includes learning experiences in Language, Science, Math, and Art. We offer a pre-school program in the morning. At the Tonawanda Center, children move between two rooms for their activities. At the West Seneca Center, the threes have one room for their activities.

In Science, children learn about different kinds of animals, the changing of seasons, and nutrition and health, to name just a

West Seneca Child Care Center

West Seneca Center

few topics.

In Language, the children learn how to print their names, recognize the letters of the alphabet and many more activities.

In Math, they learn about numbers and counting, recognizing shapes, and matching.

Of course, Art is the number one hit on the schedule. The children love to create their very own works of art.

The three-year-olds benefit from watching the four-year-olds at work. They learn how to get along with other children, and how to share.

North Tonawanda Preschool Room

North Tonawanda Preschool Room

We offer positive reinforcement in the classrooms and believe that self-expression and self-esteem are very important for the children. The children will visit the gym or playroom during the week, be introduced to the computer, and play outside when the weather permits.

Three year olds nap on mats. These are also washed after each use with bleach and water.